X-ARM – «3rd hand»-type passive exoskeleton developed for work with hand guided tools, weighing from 2 to 40 kg.

It allows to unload the locomotor system of the operator during the work with hand tools by the way of redistributing the tool weight through the legs exoskeleton design.

Exoskeleton X-Arm can be used with a wide variety of tools (perforator, angle grinder, drill, etc.) and equipped with a battery, as well.

It allows to improve efficiency and speed of technological operations while removing the load from the back and arms.

X-Arm reduces the equipment weight and allows to speed up repairs. It significantly reduces the equipment downtime and keeps the costs down.



Up to 17 kg (depending on configuration)

Operator endurance increase

Experiments confirm operator endurance increase up to 91% in static positon and up to 38% in motion

Operator efficiency improving

Proven operator productivity improvement by 80% and higher depending on the technological operation


Exoskeleton is made of lightweight and durable aluminum-base alloy (duraluminum) and durable fabrics

Fields of application: metal industry, oil and gas industry, construction, shipbuilding, repair works

National production

Availability for Russian market (sanction restrictions and possible barriers because of potential “double-purpose” position assignment neutralization)

Short payback period

Example: when dismantling turbine unit body at PJSC MMK – estimated payback period for 1 exoskeleton – 1 working day

New standards

Efficiency improvement, fatigue reduction

Tool clamp

Cross functional clamp for a wide range of tools


Price affordability as compared to analogues

Economical effectiveness

Under the testing conducted on the basis of PJSC MMK the economical effectiveness of «3rd HAND»-type exoskeleton was confirmed