X-SOFT – a new generation passive industrial exoskeleton reducing load on a lumbar spine of the operator up to 37%.

Exoskeleton X-Soft not only reduces the strain on an operator’s back while lifting objects but also supports correct execution of works. The design includes extra strong flexible base, distributed elastomer system and corset part aimed to provide disciplining effect on posture and enhance operational safety.

Unique patented elastomer system X-Soft developed specially for enhancement of operating efficiency while bending, reaching or lifting objects. Mode of operation is based on elastomers and springs properties to accumulate and release energy. Spinal compression during the use of X-Soft exoskeleton is excluded.

The design includes fixing elements of the chest plate and distributed soft part of the back allowing to reduce the chest plate movement from 5cm to 1cm. The exoskeleton is securely fixed on the body providing comfort while performing active movements during the working shift.

Support slings length is 46cm. This helps to control the position of the exoskeleton chest part regardless of the height and weight of the operator. Beyond that ring fixing elements of the knee pads are additionally covered with fire resistant fabric for safe operation in areas with molten metal splash hazards.

X-SOFT Lady – first female industrial exoskeleton

X-Soft industrial exoskeleton version designed according to anthropomorphic features of the female body. The exoskeleton provides reliable back support and helps with extensions. No compression effect.

Re-engineering of chest part of X-Soft baseline model allowed to reduce the strain on upper part and middle chest area by 72%.

Additionally, the weight of the female exoskeleton X-Soft is 8% less than the baseline model weight.

Female exoskeleton X-Soft is easy-to-use for rigging, packing, loading/unloading, adjustment and other types of works.

Implementation of X-SOFT by work types involves:

Work with heavy tool
Work with sustained effort
Work in hazardous areas
Carrying parts and goods

Fields of application

Metal Industry, Oil and gas industry, Engineering, Construction, EMERCOM, Warehousing, Handling operations, Agriculture, Housing and Utility Services